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New Aluminum Panels


We can design and fabricate new instrument panels by reverse engineering the original piece or from an existing drawing. We have created an extensive database of templates and designs for most corporate and general aviation aircraft. We can also cut new panels from factory supplied blanks such as King Air Instrument Panels, Baron instrument panels and Bonanza Instrument Panels. We have extensive experience with new avionics like the Garmin G600, Garmin G500, Aspen Avionics, Avidyne, and more

Refurbished Aluminum Panels


Nimbus Aviation can Overhaul your existing instrument panels. During this process, the piece goes through a complete  paint removal process. At this stage, any modification required is completed using CNC Machinery. After the panel has been modified, the surface is corrosion treated and painted to customer requirements. All original and additional labels are LASER Engraved. The final result is a refurbished piece that looks just like a new instrument panel. In most cases, a complete project includes a combination of new and refurbished pieces that match perfectly in finish and appearance. Nimbus Aviation also offers Paint and Laser Engraving services for panels that have already been cut. Companies that cut their own aluminum panels can use our services for a quality finish on their own products.

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